EZ-LOGGER Goniometer

EZ-LOGGER Goniometer

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$590.00 Each

The Ez-Logger is available in all wireline core sizes and with it's compact size, is easily shipped around the world. For a fraction of the cost of traditional logging devices, the Ez-Logger is your ultimate core logging instrument and should be a must have tool in any Geologists kit. On the sides of the Ez-Logger is a protractor in both blue and red, which enable easy identification against the varied rock colors. These are used for measuring the Alpha angles of lineations within the core sample. By aligning the lineation with the maximum angle of the protractor, provides the Alpha angle to within 5 deg accuracy.

On both ends of the Ez-Logger, is 360 deg protractors which are used to determine the Beta angle of any structure. Firstly position the 0 deg mark over the core orientation line, then reading in a clockwise direction, note the number of degrees to the top of the Ellipse Long Axis of the core being measured.

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