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Breithaupt have been manufacturing magnetic compasses in Germany since 1762. The Cocla is Breithaupt's top of the range stratum compass. Designed in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Clar for geological, geophysical, mining, tectonic and rock mechanical applications. The Cocla allows for azimuth and angle of dip measurements to be taken in one single operation. The large circular opening in the compass housing contains the graduated circle, the magnetic needle with circular magnet and the copper dampening pot. At its base the housing is closed by a bottom plate of transparent, unbreakable plastic. This design allows for measurements to be taken and read from above the head. Specifications Compass circle diameter: 50mm Graduation interval: 1 Accuracy: <0,1 Numbering continuous from: 10 to 10 Declination adjustment: 45 Vertical circle diameter: 25mm Graduation interval: 5 Estimation to: 1 Graduation range quadrantal: 235 Numbering from: 20 to 20 Circular level: 30'/2mm Tracing edge: 60mm Dimensions of closed compass: 74x96x25mm Weight: 275g

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