BUSHPRO Speed Spade with Ergo D-Handle

BUSHPRO Speed Spade with Ergo D-Handle

$59.95 Each

The Ergo D represents what is thought to be a more natural position for ones hand. New planters can easily get used to it but for veteran planters it may be difficult to adjust to. Stocked with both kicks only.


Shovel length from tip to top of handle - 34"
Minimum possible shovel length - 26.5".

Stainless Steel Blade 3 7/8" wide tapering to 2 3/4"
Blade length 8 3/4"
weight on average 3 lbs 1 oz, can be reduced to as little as 2 lbs 10 oz with shortening of the shaft.
Hickory shaft stained blue or brown with UV protectant
Handle is interchangeable with any of Bushpro's 4 handles

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