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Evan Deakin
Evan Deakin

"40 years ago, my father, Ross Deakin Sr. (1929 - 2004) pioneered the first ever equipment outfitting company to service exploration crews. Times have changed, but we still know that this is - and always will be - a people business. We've seen many different products, and technological advancements along the way, but it always comes back to good advice from people you can trust and rely on that makes the difference.

Like my father always said - "We're big enough to fill your order, yet small enough to care." Whether it's a canvas wall tent, the latest GPS unit or simply a pair of merino wool socks, you can count on us to be there for you."

In 1971 Ross Deakin (1929 - 2004) founded the first ever equipment outfitting company (Deakin Equipment), supplying industry workers with everything they needed, 'including the kitchen sink', to get their job done safely. To the many people who made a living working outdoors, Ross Deakin was like family.

By keeping his word and constantly sourcing the best products for his customers, Ross earned a reputation as a trusted source for quality and a name you could rely on. As a result, Deakin is now one of the biggest outfitting suppliers today.

Life outdoors has evolved and so has Deakin. Today, Evan Deakin continues to build upon his father's values and commitments to the community by recognizing the connection between work and family and the need to take care of them both, whether that be in the field at work or on the field at play.

With added enthusiasm and excitement for even greater adventures, the team at Deakin now leads the way in doing just that. With a passion and commitment that is unmatched, people can now rely on Deakin Industries and Deakin Outdoors to take care of them, regardless of the challenge at hand.

So whether you are an exploration company or an outdoor adventurer, Deakin recognizes that it is more than a job or a hobby. It is a way of life. It is our way of life. And we are proud to take care of those who share the great outdoors and their great sense of adventure with us.

Welcome to DEAKIN.

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