Granger's Merino Wash 300ml

Granger's Merino Wash 300ml

$14.00 Each

This wash-in cleaner with the added benefit of Cedar extract is formulated to keep Merino wool fresh and keep moths at bay.

•Specially formulated to clean all merino and woollen clothing
•Cedar extract
•Removes dirt
•Neutralises odours
•Protects the natural water-repellent and anti-bacterial properties of merino wool
•Bluesign® approved

Merino is something of a wonder. It’s excellent at wicking away sweat and moisture, it’s able to regulate your temperature without being excessively heavy, and it’s soft and comfortable to wear. Plus, like most wool, Merino also possesses a natural level of water-repellency and mild anti-bacterial properties.

For all the benefits of merino, however, cleaning and caring for it can be difficult. Regular laundry detergents can leave various chemical residues behind after washing, reducing a garment’s ability to perform as intended. Grangers Merino Wash, on the other hand, has been formulated to remove dirt and neutralise odours without impairing the performance of your garment. With added cedar extract to protect against moths, this product helps keep your merino articles in great shape – whether you’re wearing them or not.

*Top tip* It’s never a good idea to tumble dry Merino Wool.

•Use 50ml capful per large item, or two smaller items. Use half a cap if handwashing.
•Pour product directly into the detergent drawer of your Washing Machine.
•Wash on a full cycle at 30°C/86°F or according to care label instructions.

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