Granger's Performance Repel Plus Spray 275ml

Granger's Performance Repel Plus Spray 275ml

$19.00 Each

This spray-on waterproofing treatment ensures you’re ready for every adventure!

•Specially formulated to restore the water-repellent finish of all technical fabrics
•Maximises breathability
•Adds durable water repellency
•Bluesign® approved
•Effective without heat activation

Nobody likes to get caught out in the rain and let’s face it, getting wet when you’re outdoors can make you pretty miserable. We want to make sure you can enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather and that’s why you need this spray-on companion.

Performance Repel plus is there to protect your gear against the elements by restoring the water-repellent finish found in all technical gear.

It’s simple to use, harmless to the environment and your lungs, all you do is spray on, allow to dry and you’ll be fully protected outdoors once more.

*Top tip* We’d always recommend applying any waterproofing treatment to clean gear.

•Spray directly onto a freshly-cleaned, damp garment from roughly 10-15cm away.
•Remove any excess product with a clean cloth.
•Allow to dry naturally or follow your care label’s drying instructions.

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