HAGLOF Vertex 5 Hypsometer 360 w/Bluetooth and Transponder

HAGLOF Vertex 5 Hypsometer 360 w/Bluetooth and Transponder

$2,595.00 Each

Vertex is many foresters’ preferred choice of instrument to perform precision height, angle and distance measurements in the forest. The Vertex 5 can be used in dense vegetation and undergrowth.

Measuring functions

Vertex 5 is developed for measuring tree height, but it is of course possible to measure any preferable height.
The instrument measures the distance and angles then calculates the heights with trigonometry up to 999 meters or 3277 feet, with a resolution of 0.1m (0.1 ft).

1. Aim towards the transponder. Press and hold down ON until the sight cross goes out and you get the distace.
2. Aim to the height to measure. Press and hold down ON until the sight cross goes out and the measured height is displayed.

It is also possible to measure only distance or angle, e.g. slope angle.


Measure Distance up to 30 meters or 100 feet with a resolution of 0,01 m or 0,1 feet even in dense vegetation, and with an accuracy of +-1% or better if calibrated
Measure Heights up to 999 meters or 3277 feet with a resolution of 0.1m/0.1 ft
Measure Angles in Degrees 360°, Grads 400° or percent % with a resolution of 0.1°
5000 data sets can be stored in the built-in memory and saved as a CSV file
Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE) can be used to transfer data wirelessly to devices with Android, iOS, or Windows
(BAF) Basal Area Function to determine the minimum diameter DBH that a tree most have, on sample point to be counted
Multi-language, select your preferred language

T4 Transponder is the new and improved that replaces the T3 and all previous transponders.
T4 is equipped with six built-in LEDs that provide essential information:
Instantly know if T4 is active and responsive with your measuring instrument.
Identify any disruptive noises for accurate measurements.
Experience the convenience of T4's new housing features:
Extended battery space for all brands of 1.5V batteries (AA).
Updated electronics for a longer product lifespan.
T4 is fully compatible with older measuring instruments, making it a seamless upgrade for all users.
Introducing the T4 Transponder - the future standard transponder for all measuring instruments including Vertex 5, Vertex Laser Geo, and DME...

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