BRUNTON TRUARC15-K Global Mirror Compass (METRIC)

BRUNTON TRUARC15-K Global Mirror Compass (METRIC)

$79.00 Each

This mirrored baseplate compass offers professional features like an internal vial inclinometer and lid inclinometer that is ideal for advanced navigation, snow-safety, search & rescue, or scientific field work.

TruArc™ Global Needle tilts up to 20° for balanced use world wide
Tool-free declination adjustment is simple and fast to orient magnetic north to true north
Meridian lines on vial assist during pre-trip planning when aligning with map grid lines
Millimeter scale for accurate and effective map work
Brunton EverNorth Magnet resists demagnetization over time
Magnified readout provides highest degree of accuracy without compromising readability
Dual azimuth ring includes reverse azimuth
Sighting mirror and sighting line integrated into the cover. Align for the most accurate bearings, whether taking or following a bearing
Clinometer with 2° resolution for measuring slope angle or gauging heights of passes, peaks or trees
Engineer’s ruler
Bubble level for absolute precision readings; keeping the compass level (not the needle level) is a critical aspect for taking an accurate bearings
Map magnifier helps with the smaller details on any map
High visibility cling for enhanced performance in low light; can be removed to facilitate map use
1° resolution azimuth ring provides precise readings

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