KT-20 SENSOR 10 kHz Single-Frequency Curved "HQ"

KT-20 SENSOR 10 kHz Single-Frequency Curved "HQ"

$1,695.00 Each

The KT-20 has a range of interchangeable sensors with different shapes and frequencies. Each shape and frequency has its own benefit or application. Users can swap sensors on the KT-20 to adapt the console to different sizes and types of samples, or for different applications.

Sensor Shapes:

Circular Sensors: Ideal for measuring large, flat samples. 10 kHz single-frequency sensor features a pin mode to measure samples with uneven surfaces. Dimensions: 66 mm diameter.

Rectangular Sensors: Used for measuring small, flat samples or split core. Dimensions: 65 mm x 38 mm

Curved Sensors: Designed to measure drill core samples. Their curved shape allows users to achieve a higher sensitivity for magnetic susceptibility (using 10 kHz sensor) or conductivity (using 100 kHz sensor), while producing consistent, repeatable measurements. Dedicated curved sensors for BQ, HQ, NQ and PQ sizes.

Individual Frequencies:

· 1 kHz: For measuring magnetic susceptibility on conductive samples. This frequency reduces the impact of conductivity on magnetic susceptibility measurements. This frequency is not suitable for measuring conductivity.
· 10 kHz: Ideal frequency for measuring both magnetic susceptibility and conductivity simultaneously. Single-frequency 10 kHz sensors offer highest sensitivity for measuring susceptibility.
· 100 kHz: Provides the highest sensitivity for conductivity measurements in low ranges. This frequency is not suitable for measuring magnetic susceptibility.

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