KENOMETER Core Orientation Tool (NQ2 Size)

KENOMETER Core Orientation Tool (NQ2 Size)

$525.00 Each


*Shim Kits are available to convert NQ2 to NQ (see related product).

The most user-friendly device for the measurement of alpha and beta angles in core samples, the Kenometer will save you time in core analysis while still providing you with accurate readings.

This Australian-designed geological tool made from anodised aluminum makes drill core orientation measurements fast and precise. The aluminum proves to give strength whilst being lightweight - perfect for field use. The tools measurement markings are laser-etched meaning that even after years of use, the Kenometer will still be easy to read.

Kenometer vs. Goniometer: The 4 Advantages of the Kenometer

We supply both so you can choose between the two, but here are the reasons the Kenometer is the preferred tool by most geologists:

1. Permanent markings ensuring reliability
The laser etching process during manufacture of the Kenometer ensures the markings are permanent, and can never be 'rubbed off'. The goniometer has its markings in ink on plastic, meaning they aren’t likely to remain visible in the field in comparison to the physical etchings on the Kenometer. The laser etching will remain easy to read even after many years of tough field use - this is a tool for life.

2. Tough anodized aluminum body
The aluminum body of the Kenometer gives the tool a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, while the goniometer’s plastic construction is likely to suffer in field drops or in transit. The anodized coating is hard, durable, will never peel, and, under normal conditions, will never wear. The purpose of anodizing is to form a layer of aluminum oxide that will protect the aluminum beneath it. The aluminum oxide layer has much higher corrosion and abrasion resistance than aluminum.

3. Built to fit the core shape
The Kenometer is made in NQ2 and HQ sizes, specifically contoured to the core shapes. For this reason, its protractor measurements on the side are more accurate as they are closer to the original curve of the core than in the goniometer.

4. One process, two measurements design
The Kenometer was designed to take both alpha (structure) and beta (rotational) measurements simultaneously. Once the core is properly aligned in the tool, the user can take both the alpha and beta angles at the same time.

Product Features:

Anodized alloy body for brilliant strength & durability in the field
Ellipses on the back of the body allow quick measurements of the core structure (alpha angle)
Graduations on the head allow for easy reading of rotation angle (beta angle)
Laser-etched markings for precise measurements
Kits available to convert HQ to HQ3 & NQ2 to NQ or NQ3.

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