STONEBLAZE Arctic Flagging Tape 1" x 125' Roll

STONEBLAZE Arctic Flagging Tape 1" x 125' Roll

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$1.89 Each

STONEBLAZE ARCTIC FLAGGING TAPE is lab tested and manufactured to the highest quality.


Contains special UV stabilizers and is absolutely colour fast - In fact we guarantee the colour will exceed more than one year.
Cold Crack -40 Celsius. Every batch manufactured is tested to meet our standards; to remain pliable and tie-able in -40 Celsius conditions.
Thickness is consistently 5mil or more. The thickness of our Arctic Flagging Tape is only one factor in tie-ability. One of the more important factors is elasticity by the use of plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers. Our Arctic Flagging Tape is formulated to include all of these.

Priced and sold in individual rolls. Packaging is conveniently shrink-wrapped 10 rolls to a sleeve. 120 rolls per case.

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