HUBCO Sentry Sample Bags 7" x 12.5" /100

HUBCO Sentry Sample Bags 7" x 12.5" /100

$249.00 Each

Hubco Sentry Bags are made of spunbonded polyester fabric, equipped with a natural polished drawstring and a sewn-in water proof, insect proof, and mildew proof 2”x3” identification tag. Sentry bags provide excellent drainage and filtration with good UV protection. Manufactured in the USA.

Hubco Sentry bags are designed to withstand maximum oven temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standard Stock Sizes:
5.5 x 10.5", 7 x 12.5", 10 x 17", 24 x 36”

Custom Sizes; minimum quantity 1000 bags
Please contact us for a quotation.

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