KT-10 PLUS Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

KT-10 PLUS Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

$4,495.00 Each

The KT-10 Plus is able to measure iron ore samples and cores up to 10 SI units while providing all the benefits offered by the standard KT-10. With this extended range and the appropriate calibration curves, it is now possible to obtain the concentration estimate of iron ore directly from the KT-10 Plus which allows the operator to speed up the screening of samples to be sent to the lab for chemical assay.

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· Increased Measurement Range: The KT-10 Plus has an increased range of operation, up to 10 SI units. Enables measurement and analysis of samples with high magnetite content.

· Direct Iron Ore Concentration Measurement Estimates:Can be obtained from the KT-10 Plus by using the appropriate calibration curves.

· Pre-installed Calibration Curve: One calibration curve is standard in the KT-10 Plus firmware. This calibration curve is based on magnetite with different concentrations.

· Programmable Calibration Curve Capability: If the samples or cores you are working with have a different composition or structure than those used to set up the calibration curve included in your KT-10 Plus, you can program yourself up to 3 calibration curves which are specific to the samples and cores you are measuring. These calibration curves are obtained by taking a number of KT-10 Plus magnetic susceptibility measurements from a range of different samples with known concentration values from assay results or XRF measurements. Once these appropriate magnetic susceptibility readings with their associated iron ore concentration have been transferred to the GeoView software and processed, it calculates a calibration curve which can be transferred to the KT-10 Plus unit.

· Flexibility in Transferring Calibration:If you own a number of KT-10 Plus units and you have set up your own calibration curve, you can use GeoView Software to transfer this specific calibration to a number of units.

**How often should I calibrate my Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity Meter?

All units are factory calibrated before shipping to you. This means that as long as the meter does not suffer from serious physical damage (i.e. the measuring coil gets broken), periodic calibration should not be required. If you are in doubt about your unit's accuracy, you can easily calibrate it for magnetic susceptibility measurements yourself.
Option 1 - Purchase a set of magnetic susceptibility calibration pads for ultimate peace of mind.
Option 2 - Use a rock with a flat surface and thickness of at least 2 inches, which is homogeneous in its magnetic susceptibility. Draw a circle on the rock to make sure you always take the measurement at the same location, same angle and ideally same temperature (if possible).


· KT-10 S/C: Measures magnetic susceptibility (standard range) and also measures electrical conductivity (standard range).
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for KT-10 S/C Features.

* Other models such as the KT-10 Plus S/C, the KT-10 S/Cx, the KT-10 Plus S/Cx, or the KT-10 with rectangular coil may be Special Ordered. The rectangular coil is beneficial for measuring core samples with small diameters as they do not need to be removed from the core box for measurement. The circular and rectangular coils are not interchangeable.

Please call our office or e-mail us for special orders. Tel: 604-253-2685 or 1-800-663-3735 (toll-free in North America)

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