KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

$3,395.00 Each

The KT-10 meter with circular coil is a handheld instrument that measures the magnetic susceptibility of a geological sample or core in either SI or CGS units. This meter produces repeatable results, and includes features such as correction for split and full cores, the ability to input information to correlate measurements to their appropriate depths, a built-in microphone to record voice notes, and the GeoView data management/visualization software. It has a compact and rugged design, making it ideal for use in the field, core shack, or lab. Comes with a Cordura padded case.

· Stand-alone unit with display and data storage.
· Maximum sensitivity of 1 x 10-6 SI units on smooth surfaces.
· Three modes of operation: discrete measurements, continuous scanning (20 readings per second), or borehole (correlate measurements to their depth in the borehole).
· Measure core split and full drill core, rock samples, outcrop, chips or powdered samples.
· Split and full core corrections for standard drill rod diameters (AQ, BQ, HQ, NQ and PQ) and non-standard sizes (2.4 to 12 cm).
· Fast and Accurate Scanning: 20 readings per second and stores 4 averaged readings during the same period.
· Large Memory: 8 GB memory that can store up to 4,000 total records. Users can take scanner measurements with up to 480 data points per record, and discrete measurements with 120 seconds of voice notes per reading.
· Quality Control (QC) Parameters: Data running average and standard deviation values displayed during discrete measurements; data averages and maximum values provided during scanning.
· Depth Correlation: Correlates every core measurement to its depth (for discrete measurements) or to depth intervals (for continuous scanning). Information such as borehole I.D., box number, the number of rows in a box, start and end depths, as well as depth intervals may be entered for correlation.
· Data Input/Output: USB and Bluetooth (GPS/phone pairing).
· Battery Life: Up to 3,000 measurements without voice recorder while alkaline batteries.
· Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

**How often should I calibrate my Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity Meter?

All units are factory calibrated before shipping to you. This means that as long as the meter does not suffer from serious physical damage (i.e. the measuring coil gets broken), periodic calibration should not be required. If you are in doubt about your unit's accuracy, you can easily calibrate it for magnetic susceptibility measurements yourself.
Option 1 - Purchase a set of magnetic susceptibility calibration pads for ultimate peace of mind.
Option 2 - Use a rock with a flat surface and thickness of at least 2 inches, which is homogeneous in its magnetic susceptibility. Draw a circle on the rock to make sure you always take the measurement at the same location, same angle and ideally same temperature (if possible).


· KT-10 Plus: Increases magnetic susceptibility range to 10 SI units and includes iron ore concentration estimates (%) directly from the display.
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for KT-10 Plus Features.

· KT-10 S/C: Measures magnetic susceptibility (standard range) and also measures electrical conductivity (standard range).
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for KT-10 S/C Features.

* Other models such as the KT-10 Plus S/C, the KT-10 S/Cx, the KT-10 Plus S/Cx, or the KT-10 with rectangular coil may be Special Ordered. The rectangular coil is beneficial for measuring core samples with small diameters as they do not need to be removed from the core box for measurement. The circular and rectangular coils are not interchangeable.

Please call our office or e-mail us for special orders. Tel: 604-253-2685 or 1-800-663-3735 (toll-free in North America)

Email us at: sales@deakin.com

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