UVP UVG-48 Ultra Violet Mineral Lamp (Short/Long Wave)

UVP UVG-48 Ultra Violet Mineral Lamp (Short/Long Wave)

$780.00 Each

Portable UV Lamp (six watts) is lightweight, durable plastic lamp, excellent for field use. The UVG-48 model is a split-tube longwave/shortwave combination.

Requires two 6-volt batteries (not included, sold separately)

Portable six-watt UV lamp
Split tube model includes a sliding plate for selecting either the longwave or shortwave
Distinctive wraparound lamp handle that comfortably balances the lamp in your hand
Mini built-in flashlight is included
Lamp is operated by either standard or rechargeable 6-volt batteries (two required, order separately)
The optional battery charger (12V float battery charger) for use with the rechargeable batteries

UV Source: 365nm, 254nm or split tube 254/365nm
Watts: Six
Dimensions: 9.5L x 2.8W x 9.4H in. (241 x 71 x 238mm)
Weight: 4 lb. (.8 kg)

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