BREITHAUPT 3180 COCLA Stratum Compass

BREITHAUPT 3180 COCLA Stratum Compass

$2,350.00 Each

The Cocla is the top of the range professional Breithaupt stratum compass. It’s designed for accurate and simultaneous measurements of dip angle and dip azimuth in a single operation. Patterned after the design of Professor Dr. Clar of the University of Vienna, this Breithaupt stratum compass is ideal for use in geological, geophysical, mining and tectonic applications. This robust, long lasting compass has a unique transparent bottom with a hinged mirror so you can take measurements even when the compass is held overhead, and features a 50mm diameter horizontal circle is graduated in 1 degree intervals and numbered every 10 degrees, from 0 to 360 degrees, with a declination adjustment to 30 degrees.

Breithaupt Kassel was founded in 1762 in Germany and has been headed under the Breithaupt family name for 8 generations. This long span within the business has resulted in Breithaupt Kassel developing many exemplary achievements which have since become industry standards in the fields of mining, surveying, forestry and geology. Within the company, an operation and code of ethics results in strict production inspections after each manufacturing operation guarantee a consistently high standard of quality in accordance with international regulations. Ensuring that you will receive only the best instrument, nothing less.

Measurement and reading of azimuth of dip and angle of dip in one single operation (according to Clar method)
Declination (± 30°) and inclination adjustable
Automatic arresting of needle when not in use
Eddy current damping allows reading after approx. 3 sec.
Transparent circle with diameter 50mm with interval of graduation 1°
Dip measurement range 270° graduated in 5°; Reading by estimation 1°
Deep etched tracing edge graduated (60mm)
Circular spirit level (observable also from underneath)
Compass circle diameter 50 mm Precision compass needle (balanced for zone 1 – magnetic north)
Can be balanced for use in other zones (ask about lead time)
Dimensions of closed compass 2.9” (74mm) x 3.78” (96mm) x .98” (25 mm)
Includes leather case
Weight .6 lbs (275 g) Made in Germany

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