Lufkin 30M Fiberglass Tape Open Reel - FM030CM

Lufkin 30M Fiberglass Tape Open Reel - FM030CM

$39.00 Each

13mm x 30m Hi-VizĀ® Orange Fiberglass Tape Measure, Metric

Open Four-Arm Frame Design Protects Blade, Does Not Trap Dirt in Case.
Lightweight But Strong Case is Easy to Handle and Rewind.
Two-Material Grip is Comfortable to Use.
Hi-VizĀ® Orange Case is Easy to Find on the Job Site.
Folding End Hook for True-Zero Measurements.
Yellow Clad Fiberglass Blade Impervious to Moisture.
Metric, Graduated to Millimeters, Numbered in Centimeters and Meters.
Blade Style C3

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