PERSONAL Deluxe First Aid Kit

PERSONAL Deluxe First Aid Kit

$22.00 Each

Essential first aid kit for professionals to carry in the field c/w belt loops.

1- Emergency survival blanket
6- Antiseptic towelettes; individually packaged (each 14cm x 19cm)
1 box- Sterile adhesive bandages (50 per box; assorted sizes included)
2 pairs- Sterile gauze dressings (packaged in 2s)
3- Sterile gauze dressings; individually packaged (each 10cm x 10cm)
1- Sterile pressure dressing with crepe ties (10cm x 16.5cm)
1- Conforming gauze bandage wrap (7.5cm x 4 meters)
1- Triangular cotton bandage with safety pins (length 1.25 meters)
1 roll- Medical adhesive tape (1.25cm x 4.5 meters)
1- Scissors
1- Stainless steel forceps
1- Pair of Nitrile gloves
5- Sterile skin closures; individually packaged
1 box- Saljet sterile saline topical solution (40 in box; 30ml total)
1- Personal first aid nylon bag with belt loops

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