Jazz Band Hearing Protector 6506

Jazz Band Hearing Protector 6506

$9.95 Each

The new Jazz Band® has been redesigned with increased protection and comfort in mind. We increased the NRR by designing the soft tapered foam pods to correspond to the shape of the ear canal.

A more comfortable Jazz Band® was achieved by decreasing the band pressure. The end result is greater user fit and comfort which can increase compliance. Workers will want to wear it all day long. The Jazz Band® easily hangs down around the user's neck when not in use with the optional breakaway cord.

100% PVC-Free®.
New, Higher NRR 25 Rating.
Jazz Band® is independently tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 by Michael & Associates, Inc., State College, PA.
New, band pressure is reduced by 50%.
Extra soft tapered foam pods gently conform to the ear canal.
Jazz Band® is the ideal choice for intermittent usage.
Hangs easily down around the user's neck with optional break away neck cord.
Greater comfort and fit for increased compliance and convenience.
A cooler and lighter alternative to earmuffs.
Jazz Band does not interfere with eyewear.
Jazzy style increases worker acceptance.
Includes an extra pair of pods.
Look for the bright green color as a symbol of Moldex quality.

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