BC LEVEL 2 First Aid Kit with Soft Case

BC LEVEL 2 First Aid Kit with Soft Case

$139.95 Each

BC Level 2 First Aid Kit with Soft Case

24- Antiseptic towelettes
50- Assorted bandaids
20- 4"x4" Sterile gauze dressings
4- 4"x6.5" Sterile pressure dressings
2- 3"x5YD Tensor roller bandages
2- 3" Conforming gauze bandages
4- 8"x10" Sterile abdominal dressings
2- 2"x5YD Adhesive tape rolls
4- Triangular bandages with safety pins
1- Pair of zap / immobilization straps
1- Windlass style tourniquet
1- Bandage scissors 5.5"
1- 4.5" Splinter forceps
1- CPR pocket mask with 1-way valve and oxygen inlet
6- Pairs of nitrile gloves
1- Waterproof biohazard waste bag
1- First aid record booklet and pencil (16 pages)
1- Foil emergency blanket 84"x52"
6- Surgical procedure masks
2- Safety eyewear

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