MEIJI EMZ-5 Zoom Stereo Microscope

MEIJI EMZ-5 Zoom Stereo Microscope

$.00 Each

Price on request. Please email or call us for a price and availability Tel: 604-253-2685

INCLUDES: - Pair of MA502 SWF 10x Eyepieces - Plain Stand with focusing block - Crisp, high resolution, precision optics provide an excellent, erect, unreversed stereoscopic image. - Rugged all metal body designed to last a lifetime. - Zoom Range: 0.7x - 4.5x - Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1 - Ergonomically positioned bilateral zoom controls. - Binocular eyetubes inclined at 45 degrees for fatigue-free viewing. - Total magnification range available with auxillary lenses and eyepieces: 2.1x to 270x - Dual diopric adjustment (-+ 5 diopters) allows the specimen to remain in focus throughout the entire zoom magnification range. - Interpupillary distance adjustment from 54mm to 75mm. - Binocular bosy can be rotated a full 360 degrees and locked in any position. - Standard working distance 93mm. - Working distance with optional auxiliary lenses: 34mm to 251mm.

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