DINO-LITE MS09B Table Top Stand

DINO-LITE MS09B Table Top Stand

$59.00 Each

Designed for Dino-Lite: The MS09B brings you a similar table top type of design concept as the MS35B stand in a smaller more portable setup that uses a flat or horseshoe base. Because of its miniature size this stand will take up much less space when users need to minimize space whether in an office, workplace or demonstration environment. The MS09B stand comes complete with 2 different bases for different needs. First is a regular flat base with a slight 3×3 grid grooves to help center objects. Second is a ‘horseshoe’ type of base providing a direct view through the stand for various applications. Both bases have rubber grip pegs to help hold the stand in place and simultaneously not damage the surface the stand is used on. The MS09B is another versatile tool in the expanding line of Dino-Lite accessories to help you maximize your potential.

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