BUSHPRO Planting Bag H-Style-4 Compartments

BUSHPRO Planting Bag H-Style-4 Compartments

$152.95 Each

Built for comfort, durability and maximum tree planter efficiency, the Bushpro tree planting bag system is the only choice for a serious tree planter. Designed with any size treeplanter in mind, our bags can easily be adjusted for any size frame. This system is packed full of features and is designed to survive years of abuse.

Highly adjustable harness system for any size planter.
Thick padding that won't retain water.
3-piece waist belt easily adjusts to a variety of sizes without bunching up or overlapping.
Bright yellow shoulder straps to increase visibility.
Chest buckle has a built in whistle
New 2" waist buckle for 2007 designed not to accidentally pop open when you don't want it to.

Made from the highest grade of vinyl and doubled up where necessary.
Buckets can be moved on the waist belt to the position that is most comfortable to your size.
Every set of planting bags comes with a flagging tape dispensing pouch.
Stock buckets are plenty big at 14" deep but for those who want them 18" deep buckets are also available.
Standard configuration has 3 pouches, however, 4 pouch versions are also available.

Contains 4 - 14" deep buckets
Great for planting multiple species at once

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