HIGHBALL (RUDD) Tree & Log Marking Paint

HIGHBALL (RUDD) Tree & Log Marking Paint

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$9.95 Each

HIGHBALL (formerly known as Rudd) Tree & Log Marking paint is specially developed for identification marking of trees, logs and lumber. Formulated for optimum product performance to provide high visibility marks that withstand the critical test of long-term exposure. Tree & Log Marking aerosol is available in all seven Federal Specification lead-free colors, plus purple, pink and a reflective silver. A controlled penetration rate gives uniform marks on smooth and rough surfaces. The special resin and pigment system provides long term durability and resistance to weathering from sunlight or moisture.

HIGHBALL Tree & Log Marking aerosol package is designed for optimum performance as well. The specially balanced formula reduces settling, promotes total product exhaustion, and the high solids content means more paint for more marks. Two ‘high delivery’ spray buttons are included, one for close-range banding, numbering, lettering and spotting, and another for spot marking from a farther distance.

With HIGHBALL Tree & Log Marking aerosol you have a high quality, dependable, cost effective, product created to meet today’s forestry marking needs.

*Eco Fee .40 cents per can will be added to order when shipping within BC*

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