KT-20 S/C Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity Meter

KT-20 S/C Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity Meter

$8,495.00 Each

The KT-20 S/C Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity meter is a handheld console that allows users to simultaneously measure the magnetic susceptibility and conductivity of rock samples or drill cores and include a host of features such as the ability to input depth correlation information, a correction for split and full cores, a data management/visualization software and the GeoVision Android App.

SENSORS SOLD SEPARATELY. (See item links below). A wide range of sensors with different shapes and frequencies can be used with all KT-20 models. Users can interchange the sensors on the console, allowing all models of the KT-20 to be adapted to different sizes and types of samples, or used in various applications. Please see information below for available sensors.

The KT-20 console includes a number of built-in features to increase the amount of information that can be added to a measurement record. These features include a GPS receiver to obtain coordinates of the measurement, digital camera to photograph the sample, a microphone to record voice notes, and a virtual keyboard to enter text notes.

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Can be used in three different configurations:
- Magnetic susceptibility only
- Absolute Conductivity only
- Magnetic susceptibility and conductivity simultaneously

Wide Range Absolute Conductivity Meter:
· Both configurations have been calibrated using a multi-point algorithm to ensure accurate measurements between inductive and galvanic methods. They can measure conductivities from 1 to 100,000 S/m, while maintaining a sensitivity of 1 S/m.

High Magnetic Susceptibility Sensitivity:
· The KT-20 S/C has a maximum sensitivity of 1 x 10-6 SI Units on smooth surfaces for magnetic susceptibility measurements.

**How often should I calibrate my Meter?

All units are factory calibrated before shipping to you. This means that as long as the meter does not suffer from serious physical damage (i.e. the measuring coil gets broken), periodic calibration should not be required. If you are in doubt about your unit's accuracy, you can easily calibrate it for magnetic susceptibility measurements yourself.
Option 1 - Purchase a set of magnetic susceptibility calibration pads for ultimate peace of mind.
Option 2 - Use a rock with a flat surface and thickness of at least 2 inches, which is homogeneous in its magnetic susceptibility. Draw a circle on the rock to make sure you always take the measurement at the same location, same angle and ideally same temperature (if possible).

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