Kenometer (SHIMS KIT) Convert NQ2-NQ and H-H3 Size

Kenometer (SHIMS KIT) Convert NQ2-NQ and H-H3 Size

$35.00 Each

Used to convert Kenometer from NQ2 to NQ size or H TO H3 (kit includes set of 3 shims, .95mm)

Fitting Shims Each Kenometer requires a set of three shims be installed to achieve a good core fit and therefore accurate readings. We recommend that when installing shims permanently you use a product such as Araldite or Maverick Bond.

As shown on additional product photo, fit shims in equal distance from each other (X) along the body or ā€˜Uā€™ of the tool. Shim A should be fitted at what is in line with 225 deg., Shim ? at 180 deg. and Shim C at 135 deg. The shims should be installed along the length of U and such that an equal distance (x) is main- tained between the shims for the length of the unit.

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